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Tree Services for Westmoreland County, PA

A lightning storm passes through. High gusts of wind batter your trees. Ice and snow form on limbs and branches. Even bugs, pests, animals, and old age take their toll on trees. These are all natural forces that effect trees and, in turn, damage or threaten to damage your property.

Whatever your circumstances, Clark’s Tree Service is here to provide you with the help and professional assistance you need.

  • Tree removal is essential when the tree is dead or dying, becomes hazardous, or removal is required for space reasons. When removal is necessary, “we make the tree disappear.” Visit our Tree Removal page to learn more.
  • Tree trimming is one of the most requested services we provide. Maintaining a healthy tree starts with maintenance. Our trained professionals evaluate your trees and determine the best way to care for them. Visit our Tree Trimming page for more.
  • Stump grinding helps improve the look of your landscape by removing a stump left from a tree removal. Our heavy duty mobile stump grinder makes quick work of the largest tree stumps. Visit our Stump Grinding page for more.
  • Storm damage can cause a tree to fall, lose branches, or threaten nearby structures. When this happens, call Clark’s Tree Service immediately. We take pride in being able to deploy emergency crews to meet your needs. Visit our Emergency Storm Damage page to learn more.
  • Tree cabling is one way to help preserve a tree. The cables help support the tree’s natural strength, so the tree will be less affected in a storm or severe weather. Visit our Tree Cabling page to learn more.
  • Bucket Truck equipment allows for a 75-foot extension so that our professionals can reach any part of your tree. To learn more, visit the Bucket Truck page.

Whatever your situation may be, trust our staff of experienced professionals to guide you in making the best decision for you, your family, and your property. Contact Clark’s Tree Service today!


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